Nordic Power is the new era of Nordic Walking.

A revolutionary collection developed by Vipole together with Pino Dellasega and Chiara Campostrini from Ways, that combines an innovative idea of Nordic Walking with the highest technology and the benefits of muscle strengthening.

The collection includes ballasted carbon Poles, Strap, Fanny Bag and Power Band and allows a full body workout.

On one hand, the ballasts on the handle of the poles enhance the physical work, the cardio training and the fat burning. They are precisely disposed on the handle and ensure more balance and stability than a traditional pole, increasing the muscle training and strengthening.

On the other hand, the Nordic Power Fanny Bag and Strap can be hooked to the resistance Power Band, that increasing the exercises the upper body.

Nordic Power: a new concept of Nordic Walking as a real open air gym, developed for cross-country skiers, trail runners, and sky runners, or as a new training method for every kind of sport activity.

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